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Welcome to Business Trip, a podcast about psychedelic entrepreneurship.


Business Trip tells the story of the emerging industry of psychedelics. Each episode features a new company in the field, ranging from biotech startups developing novel compounds, to clinics and retreats for healing, to software companies building tools to power the ecosystem. 

For thousands of years, psychedelics have been used in sacred rituals by indigenous cultures. But today, in Western culture we’re finding that psychedelic therapy can help treat some of society’s biggest mental health challenges. We’re talking about depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, potentially even Alzheimer’s. This has opened the door for a new crop of entrepreneurs, that are building businesses ranging from biotech companies that are developing novel compounds to clinics and retreats for healing. And a psychedelic industry of passionate and thoughtful people is forming.


But mixing psychedelics and capitalism is a delicate combination.

We're interested to know - How do you build a successful psychedelic company? And how will companies balance healing people but also meet investor returns?


We're Greg Kubin and Matias Serebrinsky, advocates of psychedelic medicine, and we see a bright future ahead for the industry (Matias is on the right, Greg is on the left). We’ll explore these topics as Greg interviews founders of psychedelic startups in each episode.

Podcast production by Jonathan Davis.

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